17 Days Remaining

While there was a small turnout at the Meet & Greet this afternoon at Grouchy’s New York Deli, it gave us chance to spend more time discussing our views.  We are grateful to Grouchy’s creating this opportunity.  In the coming months, the citizens of Peachtree Corners will witness the birth of a new city and the implementation of the charter mission.  This is uncharted territory for each one of our communities.  The unknown breeds FUD — Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt — and misinformation, and can best be addressed by having an informed citizenry.  As an educator, business woman, and civic leader, I have seen that listening to the community and open communication provide a better environment for success in any endeavor. We need you to be engaged in our new city.

My experience has taught me to consider a common set of questions to evaluate issues.  As your city council representative for Peachtree Corners City Council — At Large, Post 5, I will first ask the following questions:

  1. Is it in the charter?
  2. Is it right thing to do?
  3. Is it needed?
  4. Can we afford it?

I will provide you, the citizens, with information about the issues and ask for input.

Having worked on the formation of the city, I am very aware of what the Charter allows the city to do.  We are a city of very limited powers.  The City Council cannot expand these powers.  The power can only be expanded through State Legislative action.

The answers to the other questions come from our communities.  Our communities are not just the neighborhoods where we reside.  Our communities extend to our places of worship, volunteer organizations, business networks, and social groups.  Each of these communities will provide valuable insight for me and other council members elected.

Please vote on March 6 and make a difference, it’s our city.

Published by Lorri C

Candidate for Peachtree Corners Council - At Large Post 5

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