Please Vote Tomorrow

Please vote tomorrow, Tuesday, March 6.  I wanted to remind you of where I stand and the beliefs I have one more time.  I have been awed by the support and friends made while walking so many neighborhoods.

  1. I believe in the City of Peachtree Corners Charter and the boundaries as agreed upon by the State legislature and the City voters.
  2. I believe in open government and the opportunity for citizens to have an open voice in their government where majority rules.
  3. I firmly believe in open communications and an informed citizenry.
  4. I am a fiscal conservative and believe in fiscal responsibility.
  5. I believe in decisions that bring the most good to our city based are upon the citizen’s choices and input.
  6. I believe in “Building Bridges and Connecting Communities” for the good of all our citizens and businesses in the city.
  7. I believe in you, the voters and citizens of Peachtree Corners and I would be honored to represent you with integrity, openness, and honesty.

These are the positions I have held since I began my campaign and have not wavered in these beliefs.  I wish to serve the citizens and businesses in our community and will invest my time in ensuring an open government that abides by the will of the people in decision making with integrity.  I earnestly ask for your vote on Tuesday, March 6, 2011.  Henry David Thoreau noted “That government is best which governs least.”

My name is Lorri Christopher and I would be grateful for your consideration to serve you as your Peachtree Corners City Council Representative for At Large Post 5.

Published by Lorri C

Candidate for Peachtree Corners Council - At Large Post 5

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