Thank You for Your Support

With the votes from the runoff election tallied, Peachtree Corners has filled the remaining open seats on the City Council.  Congratulations to Peachtree Corners City Council Members-Elect Alex Wright, Post 3; Jeanne Aulbach, Post 4; and Weare Gratwick, Post 6, on their successful election.  I look forward to joining them along with Mayor-Elect Mike Mason and Peachtree Corners City Council Members-Elect Phil Sadd, Post 1, and Jay Lowe, Post 2, as we create our “City Lite.”

I am pleased to have shared this runoff election with David Proud, Robert Byars, Gray Terry, and Brian Stickney.  Their participation in the Final Candidate Forum helped to bring out the variety of opinions on the issues that the City will face.  I look forward to discussing these issues with you and in Council meetings, taking actions on matters allowed in the City Charter.  We want to make this the best place to Live, Work, and Play.

I am personally grateful for all the support I received from the citizens of Peachtree Corners yesterday.  I was honored to have your votes.  I hope that I can count on you to provide your input on the issues and support for our mayor and all six council members.  We now have much work to do before July 1, 2012.  We’re going to have a fantastic city.

Published by Lorri C

Candidate for Peachtree Corners Council - At Large Post 5

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