Official head-shot of Lorri ChristopherMy goal in serving you is to support you with a commitment to open government in our City as we make the best decisions possible based on facts and constituent input.  The job of the City Council is to plan for our future with your input, and address code enforcement, zoning, and trash issues in our community.  My 30+ years of business, community, global, and education leadership experiences will enable me to serve you.  Here are just some of our achievements since I’ve been in office:

My vision for the City of Peachtree Corners is to have a safe, value protected community where we all continue to take pride in our community and make it the best place to live in Gwinnett.  I wish to see our local businesses and industries grow and prosper, and for our children and grandchildren to be able to work in our community and become educated in our local community.  Our family have been most fortunate during our years in the community and it is time to give back.  I am an experienced servant leader with many years of experience in working with diverse populations to achieve common goals, uniter, not a divider.  We all desire the same outcomes, safety and security, the opportunity to grow and succeed in our community, and protect and grow our investments.  We need to engage both those in favor of the city and those opposed to the city now that we are a city.  I am running to serve our community and to assist in uniting our city citizens for the overall betterment of our total community.  Are these lofty goals?  Yes they are, but we all must try together to succeed.

Here are just some of our accomplishments since I’ve been in office:

Town Center Completion

  • 28 new businesses, 528 new jobs
  • 15 restaurants
  • 2 acre Town Green with concerts and activities
  • Estimated sales revenue $1.3M annual sales tax revenue, $15.4M in annual sales

Home Values Up 10.6%

Tech Park

  • Transformation of Technology Park to an innovation hub – 3 business incubators
  • Office vacancies down from 24.1% to 19.4%
  • More technology based companies moving into Tech Park and renovating properties
  • Curiosity Lab – intelligent mobility and smart city laboratory 25,000 sq ft laboratory, 1.5 mile autonomous test track
  • Winner of 2019 Smart 50 Award in mobility category from Smart City Connect
  • Georgia Tech Professional Education classes taught at Curiosity Lab

Multi-use Trails

  • Plan to add 11 miles of multi-use trails – $2.4M project along Crooked Creek, 2.4 miles
  • Funded with federal, state, and ARC $300,000 grant
  • Received Green City Award

Fiscal Responsibility

  • City warded Excellence in Financial Reporting Award and Distinguished Budget Presentation Award
  • Town Center debt free

Zero (0) City Millage Rate

Infrastructure Investment

  • $20.3 M invested since 2015 on roads and sidewalks, 6 miles of paving, 3.5 miles sidewalks in 2018
  • Acquired 5.7 more acres adjacent Town Green – public input needed to determine use

Why vote for me?

  • A fiscal, compassionate conservative
  • Servant leader who listens, and learns
  • Dedicated, effective, balanced, reasoned leadership
  • Decision maker with integrity and experience
  • Bridge builder – connecting communities for a better future
  • Taking action, getting results for you
  • Committed to community, dedicated to progress
  • A communicator

I am focused on fiscal responsibility; less is more government, and building bridges to connect all of our citizens.  A limited government only implements ordinances and regulations that achieve the objectives desired to maintain our city effectively and economically.  The decision is up to you, become engaged, become involved, and vote.

Why I wish to serve you and our community

A servant leader, I have a desire to serve the citizens of Peachtree Corners and to assist in delivering on the mission of the city charter as agreed upon by the voters.  I wish to build bridges to engage more of our citizens in our new city.  My husband, Larry and I have raised our family here.  We value the quality of life in Peachtree Corners.  Our family has lived in Peachtree Corners for over 30 years.  We have 4 children and 7 grandchildren.

Our three sons and daughter, Larry II, Alan, John, and Carla are all graduates of Peachtree Corners & Norcross schools and Georgia colleges.

My vision for the City of Peachtree Corners

Ensure we have a safe, value protected community where we all continue to take pride in our community and make it the best place to live in Gwinnett.  I wish to see our local businesses and industries grow and prosper.  For the City of Peachtree Corners to be a place for our children and grandchildren to learn, work, and live now and in the future.

Civic and Community Involvement

UPCCA, Fox Hill Homeowners Association, COPS, Peachtree Corners Yes, Chairman, Georgia Vocational Council on Education, Georgia 21st Century Commission, Georgia Alliance for Children, Hands on Atlanta, YES America, Georgia Alliance for Children, March of Dimes, Gwinnett Village Alliance Board, Susan G Komen 3-Day, Rotary, Principal for a Day, Atlanta Private Industry Council, Gwinnett and Metro Chambers of Commerce, United Way, Past President, GEWN, TIA, YWCA & YMCA, Peachtree Corners, Gwinnett Senior Leadership.

How would I approach business development in the district?

Business development is necessary and important to be a sustainable city.  Businesses contribute more to the city tax base than it costs to serve them.  Residential areas contribute less to the tax base than the cost to serve you.  My approach to business development is to recruit the types of non-polluting businesses we desire to the area.  Businesses that support the community and its residents by creating jobs people desire, and services our residents need without tax increases unless the voters agree.  You as voters make the choice on any tax increases to support our city and its citizens.  It is up to you.

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